Sunday, June 3, 2018

New prophets and their announcements

Emanuel Swedenborg
The believer of the New Revelation received via Jakob Lorber usually also accept other teachings or announcements, which sometimes led to fierce controversy. Gottfried Mayerhofer, Emanuel Swedenborg, Sadhu Sundar Singh, Anna Katharina Emmerich, Meister Eckhart and Jakob Böhme are relatively undisputed. Other Christian and non-Christian teachers and saints also find a friendly welcome, whereby the non-Christian ones tend to rank among the more distant ones. Since new prophets are currently hardly dependent on publishers any more, because they can publish their announcements themselves via the Internet or by self-publishing, the discussions have been reduced. 

The quality of the visionaries, prophets or mediums is very different. There are dubious, psychotic, power-hungry and manipulative persons, but also quite unsuspicious, trustworthy mediators, angels on earth as it were. For those mediums that convey the word of the Lord, the believer of the New Revelation introduced the term "Vatermedium" (father medium). It also serves to distinguish from spiritistical mediums. Father mediums usually retain in a state of inspiration their free will and their natural physical and spiritual state, just as the biblical prophets once did. They are not in a trance and are not helplessly at the mercy of the spirits.

As for the many word recipients after Jakob Lorber, many are simply free riders. Catholics know the phenomenon: when Bernadette had Marian apparitions in Lourdes, the Bishop of Tarbes received dozens of reports from other supposed visionaries. But only Bernadette passed the church tests. The visionaries of Fatima were also imitated. It is said, therefore, that a hundred false prophets are for one true prophet. These "false" prophets are not necessarily bad people. Mostly they are just religious enthusiasts who long to receive messages or visions from heaven. They are very pious and want to save the world. Besides, they're not the brightest in the country. If they knew what prophets had to go through, they would not wish such a vocation. They're like fans of stars imitating their heroes. Sometimes they find themselves in an environment that literally pushes them to become a medium - like in a thunderstorm that eventually produces lightning and thunder. At some point they receive the much longed-for divine words. However, it is doubtful whether these announcements and dreams are really from God. The biblical prophets did not long to be prophets, but were called unexpectedly, sometimes even against their will. Jakob Lorber did not long for any divine vocation either. His passion was music and his vocation really got in the way.
Childrens of Fatima

Already the Bible reports in the New Testament as well as in the Old Testament about real and false prophets. In the case of Micah, a true prophet faced four hundred false prophets. In the 16th century, the mystic John of the Cross reported on the formation of false words. He wrote that the beginners in meditation easily imagine to be addressed by God, although this is not the case. In addition, there is the desire and the love for such things, which burn in them, that they give themselves answers and think these are answers of God. Such people would then fall into great foolishness and gibberish. Similarly Emanuel Swedenborg: "Whoever thinks a lot about religious things and absorbs himself into them in such a way that he sees them inside, will finally also hear spirits speak to him." Such people then become visionary enthusiasts who believe to recognize the Holy Spirit in every spirit they hear, when in reality they are only enthusiastic or fanatical spirits.

Finally, there is the mystification, the conscious deception of people through speculation on their metaphysical needs. The gullibility of seekers is used to make them believe the most ridiculous things - messages from UFO commanders and confused teachings about pyramids fall into this realm.

A medium deceived by enthusiastic or fanatical spirits can do a lot of harm. Often there are false messages, such as the end of the world is imminent and one has to retreat to a refuge. Sometimes the serious prophets and their announcements and even Jesus Christ and God are attacked and undermined. Many people have lost their faith and their fortune as a result of such machinations. Even for the medium that does not enjoy the special protection under which prophets truly called by God stand, the matter can end badly. Formerly good people have changed a lot to the negative after they became a father medium. Nevertheless, it is more important, especially for Christian people, to beware of thinking that a real prophet is a false prophet than to fall for an enthusiast. Those who, after conscientious examination, believe that they are actually dealing with a false prophet, may exhort him and his followers. But if they do not want to hear, which is very likely, then they should simply be avoided. This is the instruction of the New Testament. The "gift" is not accepted. If you are cursed for this, then this is only a sure proof that you are really dealing with a false prophet. "Und willst du nicht mein Bruder sein, so schlag ich dir den Schädel ein!" (And if you refuse to be my brother, I will knock your block off!) Fanaticism is one of the clearest signs of the activities of false prophets, false teachers and evil leaders.


  1. What is your opinion on the writings of Bertha Dudde? Since reading her writings I seem to have been experiencing nothing but confusion over what is true and false regarding the New Revelation.

    1. Can you mention some examples? I've heard of other Lorber readers bashing Bertha but so far from what I've read from her, it lines up with scripture and New Revelation. But I have only read here and there.

    2. I certainly do not intend to bash her only to gain understanding on which writings I can trust of those who have claimed to hear the inner word. As far as examples some that come to mind are Dudde’s claim that multiple “first pairs” of humans were created around the world instead of just Adam and Eve, Jesus’ soul being an unfallen angel instead of developing through the stages of matter as all other souls have, the world being destroyed through a Star colliding with it instead of environmental damage due solely to mens’ own actions, and the ending of a “salvation period” after which the gates of heaven are closed and all images soles are rebanished into matter again instead of continued unending developing for all souls in the beyond.

    3. I have read only a few paragraphs from Bertha Dudde so I do not want to give an assessment of her. Her announcements do not appeal to me for whatever reason. I don't recognize them as the word of the Lord either. My experience with "apostles" of BD's announcements is unfortunately largely bad, which of course does not increase my motivation to deal with it even further.

  2. Berta Dudde, what I know is not from that high source as Lorber. She repeats herself over and over. You will never find that in the Lorber books.
    Some of her followers are often fanatics, with not much love.
    That is my experience.

  3. Well, although it made some of my fellow believers in the New Revelation very unhappy, that can give you my honest opinion about Mrs. Dudde and similar people's writings - studied in comparison with those of Lorber and Mayerhofer...