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Flaws and contradictions in the New Revelation

The Childhood of Jesus, Chapter 10
In view of certain shortcomings and contradictions, there is the view that the New Revelation consists partly of the error-free Word of God and partly of the writer's own. This view is strongly contradicted by the New Revelation. Jakob Lorber, it is said, had always had to behave and write as the Lord commanded him. He did this not out of compulsion, but out of pure devotion, because he himself wanted it that way. One should not think him such an evil sinner, who allows himself arbitrary acts in the name of the Lord. The New Revelation is completely pure. God would not speak to prophets who allow themselves to be arbitrary. Jakob Lorber did not need to be critical of the announcements because he knew better than anyone where they came from. The idea of semi-silk revelations comes from spiritism and has unfortunately also been accepted by leading friends of the New Revelation mediated by Jakob Lorber. "Revelations" that are not really given by God, but by a spirit who poses as a higher being to give weight to his words, consist of partly true and false statements.

Then there is the exposing idea that Satan would whisper wrong things to a prophet of God, which would have happened to Jakob Lorber as well. This questionable idea may have essentially originated in Islam. Muhammad explained that those announcements made to him that proved to be false or impractical had been whispered to him by Satan. As far as contradictions are concerned, the last thing said in the Koran would always apply. Such statements, which are characteristic of false prophets, are not found in the New Revelation. There it is expressly said that God has never worked with Satan, He would not share a prophet with the devil. A prophet says "God says" and not "God says or does not". He takes responsibility for communicating the Word of God given to him. God speaks to prophets in a way that is beyond all doubt.

God and His prophet form a unity. How absurd is the question, or rather the doubt, if not the petty accusation that Jakob Lorber may have interwoven something of himself into the New Revelation. One would like to answer: Let him! As long as he was called by God to this ministry, God surely directed everything according to His will. It's a lot like how it is with a government official: Of course, the personal nature of a government official is also taken into account in an official letter. As long as the government official adheres to what was prescribed by the state, there is nothing wrong with that, even if the government official is at war with spelling. Therefore, the revelation generally explains obvious shortcomings and contradictions as the Lord's approval, as a remedy for those who read the work according to the mind, instead of taking it alive from the heart into the spirit. The readers are thus encouraged to search more eagerly and vividly in the given.

Moreover, spiritual works use parables and correspondences that do not have to apply in the literal sense. When Jesus proclaims to eat His flesh and drink His blood, He is not propagating cannibalism. God's influence in the Word of God always extends from the heavenly sense of the Word to the literal sense - even if the latter seems completely absurd. Think of the prophets of the Bible. For example, what strange things John writes in his Revelation! How odd must one be to ask whether John might have woven something of his own into his writings! Moreover, a work of revelation also consists of things that can only be understood later.
Alone in the unspoilt wilderness (CiucaČ™ Peak, Romania)
The systematics of the New Revelation is also criticized. It's a mess, they say. To this the New Revelation responds that it follows the order of God, which is completely different from the order of men. In the great outdoors, God makes everything seem to grow wildly disordered, while man creates orderly fields. And so it is with the New Revelation. It's also about inspiration. Who is inspired by a field, except perhaps the farmer who hopes for a good yield? How boring and dull are the ordered rows of a field against the wild beauty of untouched nature! The New Revelation is a work of art, not an accounting journal. It contains a spiritual dimension that is not so easy to grasp, but more important than anything else, a call of God that holds spiritual life. The Lord does not march in an uniform step with His own, no, He dances with them. Although, on the surface, the New Revelation is relatively understandable, it takes a very differentiated approach, looking at many things from different points of view. This only becomes apparent after extensive reading, when the reader compares and weighs up the statements. Black and white thinking doesn't get you very far with the New Revelation. If you want to find something, you first have to make an effort, search and order and above all think about it yourself - and that brings you to spiritual life. The goal of revelation is primarily transformation, the spiritualization of man, and only secondary information, mere knowledge transfer. It's about bringing the spirit to life. This is achieved by activity, not by serving everything on a silver platter. A runner becomes successful by running, and not by driving him to the finish-line.

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