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Hell and reincarnation

In Christianity there is now and then talk of eternal hell punishment, which has always been called into question by wiser people. An eternal punishment would make God a demon that is infinitely worse than even the worst criminal and sinner could ever be. There is eternal damnation only concerning the spirit, for example the spirit of Judas, who is condemned as a traitor for the foreseeable future, probably forever. The betrayal of Jesus (= the spirit of Judas) is a member of hell and not of heaven. The same applies to the spirit of Satan, who seeks to destroy God. Of course, the pursuit of God's destruction does not have its place in heaven either.

Concerning the soul, however, there can be no eternal punishment. The soul is the formal being of the spirit and can break free from its hellish spirit. It behaves like the light (the spirit) and the object (the soul) on which the light falls. If the soul detaches from the spirit, then the spirit is like a light that does not fall on any object, i. e. is practically non-existent. Sooner or later a soul in one way or another inevitably detaches itself from its evil spirit, because no soul can endure eternal pains of hell.

Since, therefore, for several reasons, no soul can eternally fall into the hands of Satan or become one with him, which would mean that Satan could actually defeat God, the question remains, of course, what happens to a soul that ended up in hell after it was abducted or seduced there by the evil spirit. There are several possibilities, one of which is reincarnation.


To understand reincarnation

In order to understand reincarnation, one must know that the soul can either take a spiritual direction, i. e. it can unite with God, thereby achieving eternity, or it can take an unspiritual direction, whereby it assumes the qualities of matter, above all transience. Matter is in a constant cycle of origin and decay, of birth and death, and it is precisely this cycle that the soul is then subject to. Far Eastern religions call the cycle of birth and death samsara. When the soul is subject to this cycle and wanders from one material body to the next, this is called reincarnation.

This also makes it clear who is reincarnated, namely those people who are attached to the world who do not care about God and spiritual life. He who disregards the will of God in his heart and instead attaches himself as far as possible to worldly and self-love, who does not want to subordinate himself from his own free will to the will of God revealed to all men, does not get lost because of this, but succumb to reincarnation. Reincarnation is in principle nothing other than hell, because hell in the spiritual sense means selfishness and worldly love, in the natural sense body and matter. The difference between the notions of the afterlife of the Occident and the Orient is in reality merely an artificially constructed one based on a lack of insight into spiritual things.

There are two kinds of reincarnation. As long as a person is not yet in the deepest hell because of the wrongness of his love, after many bitter experiences he can become again what he was originally. His soul remains intact and can be incarnated again as a human being. But whoever has fallen for the actual eternal death, whoever is in the lowest hell, is no longer able to come out of it in the same primordial being, because he has lost the primordial life of the spirit. Such a man has no more conscience and is completely indifferent to everything. He blasphemes and scolds God and builds a throne for himself from his arrogance. Such a soul must be dissolved and transformed. Its components then migrate on long paths through the flora and fauna back to the human.

In general, there is no remembrance of past lives because such a recollection would severely affect a person's life. On earth it is about becoming a new creature in and from God, and not continuing an old order of life. Only when the soul has reached inner union with its spirit of love from God does it remember again, but in a transfigured light. There is then no longer deception and illusion, but only a brightest, heavenly truth and everything in the soul and apart from it becomes the highest bliss. All other remembrances must be viewed with skepticism. Since a human being is networked with a multitude of good and evil spirits, it can happen that the memories of a spirit are transferred into the human mind. This can then give rise to the misunderstanding of having seen scenes from a previous life, even though in reality they are scenes from the life of the spirit of a deceased person.

Why do so many Christians not know about reincarnation?


The Christian doctrine is addressed to all people and it is not given to everyone to grasp the secrets of the Kingdom of God, for this requires time and spiritual maturity. A person does not need to know anything about reincarnation in order to attain salvation. Reincarnation only becomes comprehensible when one recognizes and understands the nature of the soul, and this is not an easy matter. There are many extraordinary things which are not yet to be presented to immature people because they are of no use to them and only confuse them.

On the other hand, reincarnation can also be known about without understanding it. I have been given knowledge about the existence of reincarnation as an inspiration already as a child. One fine day, as I looked up at the sun, lying on a blanket in the grass, this truth came to my mind beyond all doubt. Just like that. At that time I had almost no idea of religion and spirituality. But I knew there was reincarnation. It was not until much later, through the new revelation of Jakob Lorber, that I understood it too. In the Far Eastern religions, reincarnation is pretty much the only thing where everyone agrees that it exists. There are differences in the details and there are also some mistakes, such as the idea that a bad human soul as such has to live in an animal, as punishment. However, a human soul can never be incarnated in an animal body, just because the soul builds up and maintains the body. Just imagine: How would you like to get along with a dog's body? It's only for Hollywood, but nothing real.
This dog was not a bad man before.

When a soul is dissolved into its constituent parts, it may well once again migrate through the mineral, plant and animal kingdom to man, but these constituent parts have as little to do with the former human soul as the clay from a failed pot, which has been given back to the general clay and formed into a completely new pot, has to do with the failed pot. Reincarnation is also not a kind of normal rule for humans, but rather an accident. Man is destined to end the soul's migration, i. e. to stop being incarnated. His destiny is not that of a prisoner in the eternal cycle of birth and death.

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